Some of My Favorite Blogs


Today I wanted to share some of my favorite blogs! Sometimes I’m shocked at when I come across a blog I’ve never read before that it so amazing that I can’t believe I’m just now finding it!

Hopefully you’ll find some new favorites! This is not all of my favorite blogs, just some! 

Design Love Fest
I absolutely ADORE this blog. I’m really into graphic design, typography, DIY, travel and basically every topic this blog covers. I feel like Bri is my twin. I mean that in the least stalker way possible.


This blog has some of the absolute best DIY projects I’ve ever seen. The whole website has a very rustic feel to it. Definitely check this blog out if you’re a fellow crafter. They are coming out with a collection at Target June 22nd!

PoppytalkBlogSaffron Avenue

I’m studying Graphic & Web Design and Angela of Saffron Avenue is a total inspiration to me. She is so talented and I love seeing what she comes up with.


A Pair & A Spare
Geneva comes up with the most creative fashion DIY’s! All of her crafts are seamless and don’t look craft fair at all!


Peace, Love, Shea
Shea’s blog is full of style, health and beauty posts. I mostly come for the style posts though.
Her style is impeccable!


Native Fox
Every now again you find a blogger with a style that is everything you love. Jennifer literally can do no wrong.


The Skinny Confidential
Lauryn is a beautiful blonde but very much an entrepreneur so I can relate to more than just her style.
Her style is pretty fantastic too. She’s also a published author!


Maybe Baby Xo
Catt is not only a talented make-up artist, but my friend! :) She does a lot of reviews and YouTube videos so check her out!

MaybeBabyXOMy Style Religion
Juliette is also one of my buddies! She has a fun flower child/boho style and she’s super sweet! She also owns a flower crown company!


The Honeybee
Andee has an effortless style that I adore. She also has the cutest child I’ve ever seen.


I hope you check out all of these wonderful bloggers!

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  1. Aww thanks boo! Love you <3
    Now time to check out some of these new blogs! xoxo

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