How I Clip In Hair Extensions | Sweet Extensions Review!



Sweet Extensions is a hair extension line created by YouTuber, sarasweetie99. She offers videos showing how to care for your hair extensions, so be sure to check out her channel here.

Sweet Extensions are 100% human hair, so it can be curled and styled like your hair. They ship internationally and accept returns within 7 days if hasn’t been opened.


Sara was really great to work with because the first set I received was a bit too platinum blonde for me. She let me return the extensions and select a different shade. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the Sara’s Blonde Highlight shade because it is the perfect match for me right after I tone my hair. I tone my hair after I lighten the roots with Redken EQ Toner in Irish Cream (09NB), in case you were wondering.

Sara had sent me the 160 grams of hair, which is more than enough for me. If you have thinner hair like myself, you may find yourself only wearing a couple wefts and saving all of them for big nights out.

The quality of the actual hair is fantastic. My only issues is with the clips. The one-clip wefts need to be the size of the clip so extras on both sides don’t poke out of your natural hair. I would have also liked a thicker silicone grip on the clip for a more secure fit. 

I have tried Foxy Locks Extensions and another brand from Sally Beauty Supply. While the Sally Beauty Supply extensions were not that amazing, I absolutely love Foxy Locks Extensions. I would definitely compare Sweet Extensions to Foxy Locks Extensions. So far, they are both my favorite. Sweet Extensions offers free shipping in the US for orders over $99, so that may help factor which extensions are a better deal for you, depending upon where you live.



  1. Brandy McClure says:

    Nice extensions. I have always wanted to try some but I am worried they would not match my natural hair color.

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  2. @Brandy – They are very helpful with color selection. :D

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