Easy Valentine’s Day Eye Look



Step 1: Start with a primed eye, like Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Step 2: Apply an ivory shadow on the lid & under the brow. Then work a taupe contour color into the crease.
Step 3: Apply a purple/brown eye shadow (I used MAC Heritage Rogue Pigment) to the outer-V of the eye, avoiding the inner lid. Blend well.
Step 4: Apply black liner to the upper lid and blend with black eye shadow.
Step 5: Apply your lashes. I used some I bought from kkcenterhk.com
Step 6: Apply black liner to the inner waterline and smudge the purple/brown eye shadow below the waterline.

This is the perfect eye for Valentine’s Day. It’s soft and romantic, while still being dramatic enough for a date night.

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breakdowncominglll (562x800)


  1. pretty look!!

  2. Thank you! :D

  3. I love when you do eye looks. I wish I could line my bottom water line. I end up looking Gothic when I do lol and tired.

  4. I love how simple but beautiful this look is!

    p.s. love the new blog Lacy! xx

  5. @Jill – Yay! If you’re having trouble with it staying in place, be sure to apply a little black or dark brown eyeshadow with an angled brush just below it and it will be damn near impossible for it to move. I also REALLY like L’Oreals Ultra Intense Eye Liner. It stays in place really well for me.

  6. @Sapphire – Thank you so much!! XOXO

  7. So glad I just re-discovered your blog Lacy! Can’t wait till you come back from your break to see more awesome posts from you, your one of my favorite beauty bloggers, enjoy your time off! xoxo

  8. Thank you so much Jennifer!! ♥

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